Cashmere Connect

Cashmere Connect is a database of participants that take part in the SFA Chain of Custody. From herding organisations and cashmere processors to traders and members, this database allows participants to connect with each other across the supply chain.

The Sustainable Fibre Alliance is a non-profit organisation that works with the extended cashmere supply chain to ensure the long-term viability of the cashmere sector.

Our goal is to promote the SFA Cashmere Standard to encourage the adoption of responsible production practices that minimise environmental impact, safeguard herder livelihoods and ensure animal welfare.

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Cashmere Connect is a database of Chain of Custody participants that underpin the SFA Cashmere Standard. We work with the end-to-end supply chain, connecting livestock herders to brands and retailers in the global fashion industry. This database contains information and contact details of these participants and SFA Members, with access open to all parties.

For producer-level in Mongolia, certification represents a compliance with the minimum requirements of both the SFA Rangeland Stewardship Code of Practice v1.2 and the SFA Animal Husbandry Code of Practice v2.2.

Chinese producers must comply with the relevant requirements of the SFA-ICCAW Cashmere Goat Welfare Code of Practice v1.0.

For processor-level, certification represents compliance with the minimum requirements of our SFA Clean Fibre Processing Code of Practice.

All Chain of Custody participants and members must adhere to the Chain of Custody Guidelines v3.1.

Why become SFA-Certified?

  • This database provides visibility to other herder organisations, traders, processing plants, manufacturers and international buyers along the supply chain who are SFA Chain of Custody participants or members.
  • Registered SFA Chain of Custody participants and members who hold validated Transaction Certificates may apply to make claims on their fibre using our Claims & Logo Approval Form.
  • SFA-certified herder organisations and producers are eligible to be a part of the SFA Chain of Custody, tracing their SFA-certified cashmere through the supply chain.
  • SFA certification is a commitment to ensuring high animal welfare practices, protecting rangelands and the environment, and safeguarding herder livelihoods.

Assurance Process

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