Code of Conduct


The SFA Code of Conduct makes it clear what the SFA expects from you and your organisation/business when conducting business with other parties on ‘Cashmere Connect’.

This Code of Conduct provides reassurance for prospective buyers and suppliers that your organisation operates good business practices that are compliant with SFA values.

For ease of reference, we refer to herder organisations as ‘producers’, processing plants as ‘processors’, those that source fibre directly from producers (including brokers, independent traders and representatives of processors) as ‘traders’ and the customers of goods and services as ‘customers’.

Producers, traders and processors that register with the SFA shall be fully responsible for all employees and subcontractors in meeting the requirements outlined in the Code of Conduct.

This Code of Conduct is independent of existing legal rights that exist for customers and suppliers.

Producers, traders and processors must respect and uphold the Code of Conduct and all terms and conditions as a condition of registration with the SFA. Failure to comply with any part of the Code of Conduct may result in the removal of the party from the Cashmere Connect portal.

The SFA is not a broker, insurer, organiser or supplier of certified fibre. The SFA is not acting as an agent in any capacity for any listed organisation or business, nor is the SFA party to any contract concluded between then.


As a registered producer, trader or processor listed on Cashmere Connect, you shall: 

  1. Be open, honest and cooperative with us in regard to all elements of your accreditation against the SFA Cashmere Standard and participation in our Chain of Custody.
  2. Be available for calls with the SFA at our request. 
  3. Ensure full payment on receipt of fibre. 
  4. Comply with the relevant requirements of the SFA Chain of Custody. 
  5. Comply with national regulations and standards regarding the export of cashmere fibre from Mongolia. 
  6. Provide accurate descriptions of the fibre sold or purchased in terms of weight, colour and quality characteristics.  
  7. If stipulated, herders should supply the fibre to processes separated by colour. 
  8. Ensure that the bags containing the cashmere are clean and do not contain dirt.  
  9. Not tamper with batches of fibre to increase their weight.                  
  10. Treat all trading parties with respect and dignity and not permit harassment, either in person or via phone.  
  11. Not be involved in any form of bribery or corruption and shall avoid facilitation payments. 
  12. Bring to the attention of the SFA any business or proposals made to you that may present a risk to the reputation and credibility of the SFA. 
  13. On agreement of a sale, whether in word or on paper, not renege on that agreement and sell or buy to another party.  
  14. Not sell cashmere fibre which has not been accredited by the SFA as SFA Certified cashmere. 
  15. Only carry out work that falls within your competence when moving and transporting fibre and you shall always exercise due care.  
  16. Comply with the national Health and Safety requirements as well as those outlined in the Clean Fibre Processing Code of Practice [processors only]. 
  17. Complete work within a reasonable timescale and the timeframe needs to be agreed by the customer [processors only]. 
  18. Where possible, provide quotations in writing or email, except where it is not practical to do so. 
  19. Provide written confirmation of any contract entered into, or a copy of the contract, including any Terms and Conditions.  
  20. Maintain full records of all Customer correspondence and documentation and retain a log of complaints for a minimum period of two years. 
  21. Supply invoices to the Customer with payment terms [processors]. 
  22. If required, agree interim payments in advance when contracts are made.  
  23. Maintain adequate insurance policies to cover all relevant risks [processors and traders only]. 
  24. Avoid, in any event, presenting the SFA in a detrimental, unfair, malicious way or in any way that damages the SFA’s reputation or goodwill. 

Complaints Policy

  1. Parties registered with the SFA must acknowledge all complaints and offer a course of action to the customer within 28 days for all complaints.
  2. Producers, processors and traders must endeavour to settle complaints amicably with their client.
  3. Producers, processors and traders must offer clients and the SFA full details of why a complaint will not be upheld if relevant.
  4. The SFA welcomes open dialogue about meeting the criteria of the Code of Conduct and trading partners shall work towards a culture of continuous improvement.
  5. The SFA is not responsible for nor obliged to use an alternative dispute resolution entity to resolve disputes between listed parties.